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The first question I usually get asked is…… What is Paper Tole?

Paper Tole, also known as three-dimensional decoupage, is the art of handcrafting three-dimensional pictures from flat prints. This art is created by skillfully cutting, shaping, and assembling pieces of paper layered onto an image until a three-dimensional version of the image emerges.

Though there are a number of ways to use paper tole, We choose to frame our pieces in shadow boxes for display.


Visit us frequently on line as our images change.  Or see Where We Will Be next and come meet us in person.

Soon you will be able to purchase In My Views Designs On Line!
Stay Tuned…..


I bought one of your pictures at the Christmas show in Boston. It is just so nice. Your work is incredible.

Eunice Newton

Love anything 3D – bought pictures at Boston Christmas Festival the other day… Love your creations – hope to buy more in the future…

Marion Guiffre